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The Exchange of information with Eni is even safer today. The 'Strong Authentication', a new access method forElectronic Tender Eni S.p.A. - "Global Procurement & StrategicSourcing”system,which grants greater integrity and confidentiality, has been added to the continuously updated security tools currently in use.

To learn more follow the link E-tendering manuals and documentation and see the FAQ at FAQ Strong Authentication

To become an Eni supplier

To become an Eni supplier

If you want to be part of the professionals that give added value to Eni and which are fundamental elements of the procurement process, please follow the links below and find out how to become a qualified supplier.

To be an Eni supplier

To be an Eni supplier

Being an Eni qualified supplier means to be able to take up job opportunities and use innovative procurement methods. We consider our suppliers as a natural extension of our global operations, and we work to achieve a transparent and efficient collaboration with the best-in-class suppliers.

Access to Orders Tenders and Auctions

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Access to Marketplace Services

Access to Centralized Services

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Search in Suppliers

The e-Procurement uses several external resources to improve services. The suppliers’ selection process controls aspects, as well as economic, technical, planning and production, about job and health safety, quality, environment protection and international standard concerning job rights.
This section shows information about electronic biddings and electronic auctions published in news paper and company’s web site.Available suppliers features:

  • international standard concerning job rights
  • manuals about how to take part in biddings (electronic and traditional)
  • catalogue purchases manuals.

Search is easy: all documents have been splitted into three macro-areas: tender documents, Manuals and documentation.

Once in the interested area, select one Group’s Company in the list to see more details, related documents or download filling modules.