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Starting from October 15th, 2018:

  • The new eBusiness portal is live, reachable at this address:
    Exclusively dedicated to the eBusiness services users, in order to allow access to the numerous available solutions.
  • The eBusiness platform technological upgrade has been completed
    All services have been migrated from SRM 4.0 version to the more recent 7.0, with some changes in the graphical layout, but available processes unchanged.

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Please remember that, according to the procedure ICT Security Rules, the password to access the Procurement Private Area has validity of 60 days. At the end of that period, you will be redirected to a page where you will be requested to choose a new password. The minimum length of the new password shall be 8 characters (including at least 1 digit).

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For the access to the reserved portal area (Procurement Community), containing regulations, tools and information to support the Eni’s procurement unit and for the access to procurement area applications such as:
- VMS (Vendor Management System) - qualified Eni suppliers database
- Document Builder- contract standards database
- Concurrence Tool -tool used to submit concurrence requests to APR
- CRR Web(Contract Risk Report) - IT application supporting process mentioned in the annex F to the MSG “Procurement”
- BI ROD - Procurement reporting system

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