Our services

e-Procurement is the Eni services portal for suppliers and internal users that supports the management and automation of procurement processes between companies.

Simplicity, automation, availability and efficiency are the key words that lead the service. The goal is to speed up the information exchange with potential suppliers, for a requisition and for an agreement's renewal.

There are many services provided. Here are some examples:


e-tendering: static tendering

Some functionalities mainly required by our customers are:

  • RFQ (Request for Quotation): request of bid for standard goods. It is the invitation directed to one or more suppliers to make a bid for procurement of standard goods. Technical support is not expected.
  • RFP (Request for Proposal): request for non-standard goods. It is the invitation directed to one or more suppliers to create a bid for procurement of non-standard goods. Technical support is expected: to get more info, please visit the e-Collaboration area.
  • Analysis of tendering results (please, visit e-Procurement analysis section). It is devoted to e-Procurement referents and can be used for e-catalogue puchasings and e-tendering. The access is protected: you can ask userid and password to ebusiness.support@eni.com.
  • Online interactive simulation (test auction). It is a test tendering which allows suppliers to use the tool and verify working conditions. Suppliers can access the service through the DEMO AREA using username and password.

Reverse e-Auction: dynamic auction

The auction allows suppliers to negotiate a price directly, ensuring time saving and more competition.
Reverse e-Auction is used

  • as a final step of a previous negotiation through static tendering
  • directly for the negotiation of a good/service price

e-Catalogue: electronic purchasing according to a service agreement

What can I purchase through e-Catalogue?
Your company can rely on two different kinds of electronic catalog:

  • Company Specific catalogues: service agreement signed between your company and suppliers
  • Cross Company catalogues: service agreement valid for your company too.

In order to view the list of active catalogues for your company, please go to e-Procurement portal and select your company from the drop-down menu.
Note: all Cross Company catalogues are at your disposal.
In order to know how to activate them, please send an e-mail to ebusiness.support@eni.com.

Work assignment and final balance

The solution allows the technical staff to ask for services and materials through e-Procurement system.
It is available:

  • to issue a delivery order
  • to verify each step of order approval
  • order tracking


Document exchange for negotiation

Service for e-tendering management. It puts a common repository (via internet) at your company’s disposal where all the information about products can be shared. It is a workspace where you can share technical documents.


Document exchange for purchasing

It consists of documents forwarding, whatever their origin.


Electronic sale in accordance with service agreement

The service simplifies and speeds information exchange up with potential suppliers for:

  • procurement requests
  • agreement renewals